We celebrated and honored the hard work of several individuals and families at another Orange County Rescue Graduation ceremony, on October 20, 2019. It was one of our largest graduating groups to date! I am so pleased to see more and more people continuing to choose to change their lives by overcoming their homelessness.

We were honored to welcome Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson, President of In-N-Out Burger, as the Commencement Speaker. Lynsi first and foremost is a dedicated disciple of Christ with a testimony of personal transformation.  She is also a devoted wife and loving mother of 4 amazing children. In addition to her work as a President, Lynsi and her husband Sean (pictured below) founded a ministry called the Army of Love, during a difficult season of her life.

Lynsi prefers to stay humble and out of the spotlight. But she was inspired by the testimonies of Rescue Mission graduates as overcomers in Jesus Christ, and therefore agreed to share her time and encouragement with us all at the Graduation.

The graduates were blessed by having someone in her position to honor them and encourage them to continue to humbly follow after Jesus Christ. Thank you Lynsi, for joining the Rescue Mission in honoring the Fall 2019 graduates!