I am humbled and thankful for the people, corporations, foundations and churches that give to Orange County Rescue Mission. We are 100% privately funded by the generosity of others. Each and every volunteer is greatly valued and appreciated!

Scott Walker, also known as the ‘bagel guy’ around Orange County Rescue Mission, created a unique volunteer opportunity. For over six years Scott has been delivering the night before leftovers to us from restaurants. Establishments like Noah’s Bagels, Pizza Hut, and ten others prepare the food for Scott to pick-up, and then each morning he delivers the food to the Rescue Mission. The food is used to add a little something extra to go along with the main meal, which makes the students who live here happy to get some restaurant food.

What I especially enjoy about Scott’s volunteer story is the entrepreneurship he showed. He established the relationships with the food places and worked out the details with our kitchen and volunteer team to be sure that the food delivery was something helpful to our community. In 2019 Scott and these businesses donated and delivered 18,773 pounds of food!

Thank you Scott, for your commitment to serve the homeless men, women, children, and veterans at Orange County Rescue Mission!

Please donate. We are 100% privately funded, and we continue to provide safe shelter and life-changing services for homeless men, women, children, and veterans.