I want to share about Rusty Veary’s unique contribution to Orange County Rescue Mission. Rusty has chosen to use his hobby of coffee roasting for a greater purpose! It is inspiring how we can use our unique interests and talents to serve others.

With more time to pursue his interest during retirement, Rusty perfected the techniques of coffee bean roasting. A mutual friend suggested to Rusty that he use his hobby to help Restoration Roasters, the Rescue Mission’s social enterprise. Through Rusty’s efforts, Restoration Roasters’ impact has grown beyond just the cafe in Corona. Now, this social enterprise has become a job skill training opportunity for veterans at Tustin Veterans Outpost. We have expanded the capacity of quality coffee bean sales to the general public, and are saving money on our food costs by purchasing coffee beans at wholesale prices and roasting them for our own use at all of our Rescue Mission campuses and affiliate organizations.

Thank you, Rusty, for sharing your hobby and so much more with Orange County Rescue Mission. You have made a big impact on the lives of the Least, the Last, and the Lost.

If you drink coffee, you can also make an impact by buying Restoration Roaster coffee beans! With an online purchase, you will support homeless veterans who are working their way back to a healthy civilian life at Tustin Veterans Outpost. And with a subscription, your coffee beans are shipped for free! Go to RestorationRoasters.com to make your purchase and learn more.