I am inspired by the stories of entrepreneurs. These dedicated men and women take an idea and build a business to support themselves, their families and their employees financially, and provide a service or product that benefits others. Karl McMillen of southern California is one such entrepreneur. He advanced his skills and resources into the successful business Todd Pipe and Supply.

But Karl and his wife Carol were not satisfied with just financial success. Inspired by the hardships, challenges, and losses they have experienced personally, they in turn used their wealth to financially support organizations that help others. They support those that are “suffering from or affected by substance abuse” with their McMillen Family Foundation.

We are so grateful for the McMillen Family Foundation’s support of Orange County Rescue Mission’s programs and it’s affiliate organization, Hope Harbor. So often, a root cause of homelessness is substance abuse, and it requires a tremendous amount of resources and effort to help those overcome addiction and become restored to healthy living.

Thank you, McMillen Family Foundation for supporting the work of overcoming addiction and homelessness, one life at a time.

I am humbled and thankful for the people, corporations, foundations, and churches that give to Orange County Rescue Mission. We are 100% funded privately by the generosity of others. Each and every donor and volunteer is greatly valued and appreciated!