A few years ago, I became familiar with The Epoch Times. I was intrigued by their stance on telling the unbiased truth in an era of growing concern over “fake news.” So I am proud to announce that The Epoch Times, also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, supports Orange County Rescue Mission as our Media Sponsor.          

I have come to rely on The Epoch Times, to tell the truth about homelessness with their various media outlets. Our many years of serving and researching the homeless population have made it clear that homelessness is a very complex issue.  It is affected by macro-level policies and legislation down to the micro-level, for example, how an individual is emotionally and mentally equipped to handle hardships.  The Epoch Times is willing to report on these complexities, and it has given me the opportunities to have a platform to speak the truth of what is required to change the tide of homelessness in California.

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