TerraNova Church of Irvine has been part of Orange County Rescue Mission’s volunteer team for eight years! I think their commitment to serving is commendable! Their dedication to relationships with the students who live at Village of Hope, as well as the amount of responsibility they have undertaken over the years, has made a lasting impact on our Village of Hope campus.

This place is amazing!

TerraNova volunteer

Every month a group of volunteers gives up a Saturday night to work in the kitchen, serving alongside the students to ensure a meal gets out while staff are off work. They plan the menu, prepare and serve it, and then clean up the dining hall and kitchen afterward. And while some volunteers are busy in the kitchen, others spend time with the children during the Saturday night chapel service.

For the dozens of teenagers we’ve brought with us, it’s provided a safe environment to experience serving others. 

TerraNova volunteer

With the time TerraNova volunteers have spent at Village of Hope, students have grown to trust and appreciate them. And many have decided to become part of the church community.

TerraNova volunteers make the most of their time together as they grow in friendship while serving together. They let us know how much they benefit from their time at Village of Hope.

While volunteering at the VOH we have developed friendships and support. We realize that we can help make a difference in someone’s life as well as  being blessed along the way.

TerraNova volunteer

Thank you TerraNova, for volunteering and sharing your lives with the homeless men, women, and children of Orange County Rescue Mission!

I am humbled and thankful for the people, corporations, foundations and churches that give to Orange County Rescue Mission. We are 100% funded privately by the generosity of others. Each and every donor and volunteer is greatly valued and appreciated!