R U Hungry? They are!

Typically the idea of hunger drums up images of children in 3rd world countries, but I meet families in Orange County every day who are struggling to find their next meal. Kids and parents who know the pain of hunger all too well, that have never known healthy nutrition or the comfort of three meals […]

Thank You State Street Foundation

The State Street Foundation has been a consistent and treasured partner of the Orange County Rescue Mission for many years. Over time, State Street has funded the Village of Hope’s Child Development Program, helped initiate a culinary arts program for homeless residents of the Village of Hope and help launch a new and innovative legal […]

Greenlight Says Go

… to the Circus! Taking kids to the circus for the first time is almost more entertaining than the actual acrobats and elephants. Eleven 3 and 4 year-olds from the Orange County Rescue Mission were granted a trip to the circus yesterday where they all had the opportunity to enjoy all the magic and wonder […]

Ending Homelessness

How does a City make a positive impact on ending homelessness?  Just ask the City of Tustin. I had the honor of being a Guest Columnist for the Orange County Register’s Tustin News section on Thursday, July 18th. In this particular piece, I invite other Orange County cities to follow Tustin’s lead in serving the […]

Christmas in July

It was truly a Christmas miracle when a giant cow dressed as Santa Clause walked through the doors of the Village of Hope, not to mention that the date was July 25th, rather than December 25th! But not to worry, this was no ordinary farm cow, the Chick-fil-A at The District / Tustin Legacy had […]

Success is in the Air

We congratulated a group of six men and seven women from the Orange County Rescue Mission campuses on the completion of the Road to Success workshop. Joey Gonzales, our career counselor proudly awarded each student with a certificate and a pin. Most of these formerly homeless students began this workshop without much expectation, very low self-esteem or fear of not being […]

Christina’s Story

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s a wonderful story of restoration to get the week started on the right foot! When Christina thinks about her childhood, she just closes her eyes and shakes her head. “My mom was an alcoholic,” she remembers. “I was raised in bars.” Drugs eased the pain of growing up under such difficult circumstances. But they didn’t answer […]

Summer Graduates 2013

Although I prefer to focus on the positives and highlight the successful achievements, we all know that significant change comes hand-in-hand with hard work and set backs along the way. Each day at the Orange County Rescue Mission presents this ensemble of both triumph and struggle. Graduation ceremonies are always a powerful commemoration while focusing […]

Graduation Milestones

This is a very important weekend at the Village of Hope. I am excited to spend Sunday commemorating our most recent class of summer graduates from the Orange County Rescue Mission with Tustin Mayor Pro Tem Chuck Puckett. I am thrilled to watch another group of formerly homeless men, women, and children cross the stage to […]

Ericka’s Story

Happy Thursday, today I want to share a story of HOPE with you directly from the Orange County Rescue Mission. Ericka and her son Akcire reside at the Village of Hope where they have a warm bed, food and a strong community. But it was not always that way, Ericka recounts a time in her recent past of shame […]


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