Cooking Up Hope: Thank You Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment!

Ten years ago, the Village of Hope opened and everything was bright, shiny and new, especially the kitchen!  Over the years, the state-of-the-art equipment did its best and served us well, but understandably suffered wear and tear from providing thousands of meals each day, especially as we have taken on providing meals for our Chili […]

Help Us Bring Christmas Magic to the Mission!

Once a year, the Village of Hope experiences a truly magical day: it snows in Orange County! Every December, Orange County Rescue Mission hosts Magic at the Mission, a celebration of the Christmas season for everyone who is part of the Rescue Mission programs. There is nothing quite like it; the excitement that lights up […]

Get a Jump-start on Holiday Shopping at the Children’s Business Fair!

The Children’s Business Fair is back, just in time for the holidays! Please join us for this Saturday for the Children’s Business Fair!  From 11am to 2pm, the Village of Hope campus will be brimming with the bright ideas and creative products of our youngest entrepreneurs. The Children’s Business Fair allows children to display their […]

Join Us this Halloween for MBC’s Annual Trunk-n-Treat!

This Halloween, I invite you to join us for Mission Bible Church’s annual Trunk-n-Treat event held here at the Village of Hope!  The night will be filled with many fun activities that include, a dunk tank with the Mission Bible Church pastors, games and prizes, food, and more. There will also be plenty of opportunity […]

From Desperation to Restoration: April & Logan’s Story

At the Rescue Mission, we see families come to us out of broken and painful situations every day.  Often parents arrive with their children, desperate and hopeless, unable to care for their children well as a result of their own traumatic upbringing and bad decisions made throughout their own lives.  One of our goals at […]

Answering the Hard Questions

Does God exist?  Is the Bible reliable?  And if God exists, why is there suffering in this world? These are the big questions that many of us ask.  Inevitably, we saw these questions arise here at the Rescue Mission as our residents encountered God and learned about Jesus Christ, many for the first time.  It […]

Join Us Tomorrow for the 2nd Annual Children’s Business Fair!

Please join us for the 2nd Annual Children’s Business Fair tomorrow!  From 9am to 2pm, the Village of Hope campus will be brimming with the bright ideas and creative products  of our youngest entrepreneurs. The Children’s Business Fair allows children to display their business ideas and innovations to the local community by launching their own “start-up” through […]

Aja’s Story: No Longer Running

Everyone, on some level, experiences the temptation to “run away” from their problems.  Many of us have tried, only to learn the hard way that our problems cannot be outrun.  This is an important concept to the Rescue Mission philosophy.  I have always made it a priority not to offer band-aid solutions in the form […]

United By A Cause Larger Than Commerce

Thanks to our friends at ­Paul’s Carpet Care, Zerorez, Beacon Carpet Cleaning, Max’s Carpet Care, Cole’s Carpet, Spotless Industries, Inc., and The Most Thorough, the rooms and offices at the Village of Hope are looking better than ever! These seven companies joined together to donate their services to the Rescue Mission and generously provide us […]

Pam Coles – Employee of the Month

Working at a non-profit, faith-based organization is an amazing employment opportunity. I am grateful to the many people who work with Orange County and Inland Empire Rescue Missions, as they dedicate themselves to contribute to the success of the ministry, knowing full well that their work serves a purpose so much greater than the accomplishment […]


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