Finding Love and Worth in Christ: James & Sarah’s Story

For many, homelessness has a far greater effect than just the lack of a home.  James and Sarah are just one of many families that come to us out of a rough and painful life, with their guard up, not ready to believe someone could really care for them.  For so long, they had been […]

From Desperation to Restoration: April & Logan’s Story

At the Rescue Mission, we see families come to us out of broken and painful situations every day.  Often parents arrive with their children, desperate and hopeless, unable to care for their children well as a result of their own traumatic upbringing and bad decisions made throughout their own lives.  One of our goals at […]

Because of You, Kenny is Singing a New Song

Kenny’s addiction had stolen everything. A self-proclaimed “Skid Row drunk”, he spent years scraping by, playing music on the streets, and sleeping wherever he could.  That is, until the Huntington Beach Police picked him up and brought him to the Orange County Rescue Mission. Take a look at the following video to hear how Kenny […]

Sonia’s Story: From Scraping By to Starting New

So often, I talk to the men and women that now call Orange County Rescue Mission home, and they recall a “moment of truth”. It is a moment that they are forced to make a monumental decision: to continue living in the brokenness and chaos they are in or to leave all they  know and […]

Destiny’s Story: Affordable Housing Keeps New Mother Off the Streets

  It is the Rescue Mission’s goal to provide comprehensive and supportive care to the Least, the Last, and the Lost of our community in various stages of need.  In addition to our residential transitional living program, the Village of Hope, we also offer low-income housing as another transitional step for families in need. Through […]

A Father’s Journey: Eddie’s Story

  Last Saturday, Eddie Mejia completed the journey he began over a year and a half ago.  As he crossed the stage and accepted his diploma as a symbol of his graduation from the Rescue Mission program, he reflected on the long road that had led him to this moment.  A rough and difficult journey, […]

Lindsay’s Story: Finding Fulfillment in Christ

It is an experience we are all familiar with:  looking for love in the wrong place.  So often, we search for a satisfaction in people or things that only God can give.  We look for affection and approval from others that can only truly be satisfied in Christ. This is how Lindsay’s story begins.  Denied […]

Lakeisha’s Story: A Chance to Stand on Her Own

We have all had moments where it seems the world is crumbling around us.  Something we trusted in or relied on gives way, and suddenly we are faced with impossible circumstances.  For many, an eviction notice or loss of a job can lead to devastation, homelessness, and hopelessness. Every day at Orange County Rescue Mission, […]

Nowhere to live and four kids to feed

My heart aches when I hear stories of families like the Hernandez’s.  Yolie and Humberto Hernandez were in a desperate position, unsure of how to provide for their family and faced with the real possibility of living on the streets with their four children. But they, along with many other families like them, have found […]

Aja’s Story: No Longer Running

Everyone, on some level, experiences the temptation to “run away” from their problems.  Many of us have tried, only to learn the hard way that our problems cannot be outrun.  This is an important concept to the Rescue Mission philosophy.  I have always made it a priority not to offer band-aid solutions in the form […]


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