Students Giving Back

Some of the most encouraging stories I hear about Orange County Rescue Mission students are about those students that give back. When someone has had a second chance in life, many in turn help others. It becomes a way of life for them to give. One such student is Chantel. When it came to family, […]

Kathy’s Story

This was not the life she wanted. In a hospital room, facing the possibility of having her leg amputated from self- inflicted drugs wounds, Cathy knew she needed help. And because of YOU, Cathy found help at the Mission. She moved into the Village of Hope, and slowly, a new vision for her life began […]

Coming Alive

As we celebrate Jesus being alive this Easter, we also celebrate those that have come alive in light of Jesus’ redeeming grace. Arrianna’s mother left when she was just 2 years old. She spent the rest of her childhood being passed from her drug-dealing father, to her abusive mother, and back to dad and step-mom, […]

You Belong

These are the kind of letters that I love receiving. I am reminded by Stephanie’s story, that there are no coincidences in our lives. This testimony encourages me that another family has found a place of hope and belonging. Hi my name is Stephanie. Last night my husband Dana and I were on our way […]

Martin’s Miracle Continues …

This is why we do what we do. This is why we are not just a shelter. This is why we are not just soup kitchen. This is why we operate on your individual donations,  debt free without governmental assistance, able to minister the love of Jesus Christ. With the sustainable support of the Orange […]

No Excuses

‘How do you get through your day?’ Tom Rinaldi asks this question as he reports for ESPN on the life of Richie Parker, a chassis and body component designer for Hendrick Motorsports. Richie wakes up, gets ready and drives himself to work for the most winning organization in NASCAR, only Richie doesn’t have any arms. […]

Varsha’s Story

Varsha is a part of our Village of Hope program at the Orange County Rescue Mission. She is a talented young lady who has, unfortunately, known the struggles of  providing even the basic meals for her children. Watch her story and hear how you can help fight hunger, here in Orange County: Help provide a meal […]

Ericka’s Story

Happy Thursday, today I want to share a story of HOPE with you directly from the Orange County Rescue Mission. Ericka and her son Akcire reside at the Village of Hope where they have a warm bed, food and a strong community. But it was not always that way, Ericka recounts a time in her recent past of shame […]


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