More Than A Meal: Offering a Hand-Up to the Homeless Through Outreach

  Our mission here at Orange County Rescue Mission is to minister the love of Jesus to the Least, Last, and the Lost and one of the very tangible ways we are able to do this is through the Outreach component of our ministry. Through Outreach we are able to interact with the homeless community […]

Homelessness isn’t a government problem. It’s a problem for all of us.

Recently, the Orange County Register printed an editorial piece that greatly resonates with my thoughts on the issue of homelessness. Quoted in the following article, I have often said that for far too long, our society has dropped its social ills at government’s doorstep, relying on the government to fix problems that we as a […]

Mission Kids at the Corona City Council Meeting

Recently, the children from Corona Norco Rescue Mission were given the unique opportunity to visit the Corona City Council meeting.  Much to their excitement, the children were asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance!  The kids joyfully led the Pledge and afterwards, Corona Norco Rescue Mission Director, Randy Fox, and Case Manager, Taiwo Jekayinfa, joined […]

Lakeisha’s Story: A Chance to Stand on Her Own

We have all had moments where it seems the world is crumbling around us.  Something we trusted in or relied on gives way, and suddenly we are faced with impossible circumstances.  For many, an eviction notice or loss of a job can lead to devastation, homelessness, and hopelessness. Every day at Orange County Rescue Mission, […]

Nowhere to live and four kids to feed

My heart aches when I hear stories of families like the Hernandez’s.  Yolie and Humberto Hernandez were in a desperate position, unsure of how to provide for their family and faced with the real possibility of living on the streets with their four children. But they, along with many other families like them, have found […]

Faith-Based Organizations Generate $119 Million in Taxpayer Savings

This astounding finding was released in February 2017 to the National Press Club, to both members of the press and the government. Allow me to give some context to why this finding, and the research that supports it, is important. Prior to the 1930’s, government aid to those in need was primarily for widows with […]

OC Register Editorial

Thank you to this Orange County community member for their wise words on the state of homelessness in Orange County. It is encouraging and refreshing to hear others recognize and appreciate the work we are striving to do here at Orange County Rescue Mission. It is a sign to me that the importance of giving […]

Coming Inside from the Rain

After so many years of drought in Southern California, I think we are all thankful for and enjoy the rain. That is, we if we can stay dry. Our regions’ miles of cement river beds are ideal places for homeless encampments, until the waters suddenly rise. What seems to be the only option, living homeless, […]

New Life

For me Easter is more than a spring time holiday. Easter is a daily way of life, because of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. It is this daily experience that inspires me to lead the Rescue Mission. I see men, women and children become transformed people, as they also trust Jesus Christ as a daily […]

Crystal’s Story

Crystal escaped an abusive relationship and found safety, thanks to you. During her marriage, there was one constant in Crystal’s life, FEAR. It was not just the fear of physical abusive at her husband’s hand, – cuts and bruises eventually heal. It was the feeling of utter helplessness, dependence and isolation from her family, all […]


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