Fall 2017 Graduation: Stories of Hope

Ten days ago, I was standing in the courtyard just before the Fall Graduation ceremony was about to begin.  I felt a tug on my graduation robes and looked down to see the daughter of one of our graduates.  She asked me, “Are you graduating?”  When I told her I was not one of the […]

Go With God and Be Ready for Battle!

The In-N-Out Burger Foundation may keep a low profile on its generous charitable giving, but speaker Howard “August” Booker of the In-N-Out Burger Foundation,  was a big hit at our graduation Sunday night! For more than two decades, our friends at the In-N-Out Burger Foundation have provided support to the Rescue Mission’s programs. This year, […]

Ongoing Education: A Support System for Graduates

As an individual or family graduates from the Rescue Mission, they are faced with many challenges:  threats to sobriety, balancing personal finances, navigating conflict with their spouse, and even just the intimidation and fear that can accompany leaving the “safety” of a program. We recently implemented our Ongoing Education program, a program designed to promote […]

Summer 2017 Graduation: Stories of Hope and Restoration

How can I best describe the atmosphere at a Rescue Mission graduation?  Let me do my best: You can feel it in the room.  The joy of renewed hope and a life transformed in Christ.  The peace, strength, and excitement of the graduates in knowing they are freed from the pain of the past, the […]

Miguel’s Story: Finishing High School for His Son

On Tuesday, I was privileged to stand on-stage and shake the hands of 14 Orange County Rescue Mission residents as they received their high school diplomas.  For many, this was a very emotional moment – one they thought they would never experience because of years of  hardships, mistakes and hopelessness.  But on this day, they […]

Staying Connected

Our team of leadership at the Orange County Rescue Mission is highly protective over the health of the community that comes to reside within our campuses to seek healing and healthy restoration. Where the primary restorative stages of growth can take place in the initial phases of our program, that process really is an ongoing […]


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