How a “Tornado” Learned to Be Still

In December 2015, Karen made a commitment to God and to herself that she wouldn’t enter the Village of Hope program unless she was going to finish it. On October 8, 2017, as she stood as valedictorian in front of her friends, family, and 22 fellow OCRM graduates, she knew she had done more than […]

A Legacy of Hope: Marci’s Story

Just a few weeks ago, the Rescue Mission congratulated its most recent group of graduates as one chapter of their journey comes to a close, and another begins. At each graduation, I have the privilege of introducing the Valedictorian, who shares a few words with their peers, friends, family, and guests. This Summer Graduation’s valedictorian […]

A Father’s Journey: Eddie’s Story

  Last Saturday, Eddie Mejia completed the journey he began over a year and a half ago.  As he crossed the stage and accepted his diploma as a symbol of his graduation from the Rescue Mission program, he reflected on the long road that had led him to this moment.  A rough and difficult journey, […]

From Camping to Commencement

From the initial interview process and background check we do for every man, woman and child that come to the Orange County Rescue Mission, our hope is always to discover the highest potential in each individual. Despite the past, we strive to see the best in everyone. Gary Carter is one of those extraordinary individuals that with […]

20 Years Later

Kim is finally heading towards a happy ending. Many of the women who come here are dealing with major trauma from their past. Kim, for example, was raped as a child. Went through a painful divorce. Spent years battling drug addiction. And as an adult, was almost choked to death by an abusive boyfriend. By […]

Six Years Sober

I like to envision Jesus as a patient gardener, rather than a neurotic salesman. Jesus knows that when working the business of saving souls, there is a careful cultivation and investment in loving a human heart. People are not projects, they are humans, created in the image of God; with layers of dynamic depth and […]


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