Rejoice in the Good News: Happy Easter from OCRM!

Last year I experienced the joy of new life firsthand with the birth of my first grandchild.  As I held my precious grandchild for the first time, I couldn’t help but reflect on the excitement of new life, and how God must feel this way about us, His children!  At Easter, we are reminded of […]

New life, new hope, a new start.

This is the message of Easter. The glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ is reflected in the lives of the families and individuals at the Rescue Mission that are being radically transformed. Formerly homeless men, women and children are given a chance at a new start. This is a chance to be freed from the darkness […]

Good News and Great Joy

You helped Candace escape from abuse and provided a safe home for her children. Candace was brutally abused, which resulted in a pregnancy. She was carrying a precious life inside of her, and Candace knew she needed help to put her own life back together. At the Village of Hope, Candace is rebuilding her life […]

New Life

For me Easter is more than a spring time holiday. Easter is a daily way of life, because of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. It is this daily experience that inspires me to lead the Rescue Mission. I see men, women and children become transformed people, as they also trust Jesus Christ as a daily […]

Where Will You Go On Easter?

No one likes to think about death. And in a world where people are living longer and longer, we are often able to avoid thinking about it for decades. Yet it is still inevitable.  This is why the resurrection of Jesus Christ is so important – Christ overcame death and promised that His followers would as […]

Help Us Celebrate Easter

Easter is just about a month away and in celebration of Christ’s sacrifice to give us new life, we like to make it a special day at the Mission. Right now we have about 70 children staying with us at the Village of Hope and we would like to provide them with Easter baskets. Maybe you […]

Transform a life this Easter

You helped Crystal escape from abuse and find safety at the Mission. It’s hard to believe, but Easter will soon be here. At the Mission, we are preparing for the 87,589 meals we expect to serve at this time of year. For $1.48, you can provide an Easter Season meal and share the Good News […]

This is what joy looks like

Easter is the celebration of new life in Jesus. And where we intentionally pause to celebrate this most significant holiday on a specific date on our calendars, this celebration is a daily observance at the Rescue Mission. Men, women and children come through our doors broken, empty and lost but encounter the love of Jesus […]

Easter Stories

Easter is the celebration of the most significant event in human history. Jesus Christ rose from the dead in redemption of sin and death and rendered the hope of new life for each and every one of us. Not long ago, Steve found himself at a place of darkness where most of the stable life that he […]

Give Hope with Easter Meals

Dear friends, Easter is the time to celebrate all we’ve gained as followers of Jesus. But if you’re like Travis, Easter is just another day to survive. Homeless and hopeless, Travis found his way to Orange County Rescue Mission, “I came here because I was completely lost. I had no hope at all. I didn’t […]


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