Answers to the Hard Questions: How Do We Know God Exists?

I invite you to listen to Natasha answer such an important question about God’s existence.  But don’t be daunted by the subject matter! Natasha has an amazing ability to communicate with clarity, insight and passion on how we can be confident in knowing that God does exist. Everyone is welcome to join us for the […]

Why Does God Allow Evil?

A few months ago, I shared with you about the impact our  Apologetics class has been having on the residents of the Rescue Mission. It has been an incredibly beneficial resource for them as they learn and grow in their faith and knowledge of God. I would like to invite you to come experience this for […]

Answering the Hard Questions

Does God exist?  Is the Bible reliable?  And if God exists, why is there suffering in this world? These are the big questions that many of us ask.  Inevitably, we saw these questions arise here at the Rescue Mission as our residents encountered God and learned about Jesus Christ, many for the first time.  It […]


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