Born Again on the Fourth of July

Born Again on the Fourth of July* This was written by David Mathis on Desiring God’s blog: “Finally, for now, it continues to be legal to speak the gospel in public in these united states, and even to press for repentance and faith. This is a glorious liberty. Let’s make the most of it while […]

Defenders of Freedom

Celebrating our independence and freedom calls for a big party. And yet there are men and women with children and families that are still sacrificing their lives for the rest of us to continue to live in that day to day liberty. While the majority of us clock in and out of our daily jobs […]

Take up your Sword!

As we celebrate this Fourth of July, we must take up our swords and defend what the signers of the Declaration of Independence dared to dream.  Many have forgotten that the signers of our Declaration of Independence dared to believe that they could begin something so daring as to sustain freedom forever.  That freedom is eroding each […]


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