October 10 was World Homeless Day, a well-intended effort to draw the world’s attention to the plight of people experiencing homelessness. To commemorate the day, Editor in Chief Marvin Olasky of World Magazine recounts what he learned about homelessness as a reporter in the 1990s. “In 1995 and early in 1996, I researched lots of ways people tried to change the lives of people experiencing homelessness. I found the best results arose among those who received challenging, personal, and spiritual help at Christian homeless shelters,” writes Olasky.  

Olasky’s retelling of stories about addiction and homelessness is a harsh reminder that their prevalence is decades old. And, it serves as a reminder that the answer to the tragic dilemma of homelessness and addiction has remained the same through the decades. 

Every day, step by step, men and women at Orange County Rescue Mission are receiving the “challenging, personal, and spiritual help” they need to heal and overcome all that led to homelessness. 

Thank you, Marvin, for telling the truth about homelessness and the real help for those who are swallowed up in the despair of addiction. Click here to read the article in World Magazine online.