Many of us use the beginning of a new year to reflect and reevaluate – on our lives, our convictions, our values. We look forward to a new year full of fresh starts and exciting possibilities, a year to put what we learned last year into practice to keep growing and improving. This is where our resolutions come from: some of us have decided to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill, some of us decided to get into better shape and hit the gym, some of us decided to build better habits and healthier routines. Now that we are 25 days into 2017, many of us are taking a look at the resolutions we have made. Some of them have stuck, some of them have already been forgotten.
This year, I would challenge you to make a resolution with lasting impact, one you will stick to, one that will change lives and bring hope to the hopeless. In 2017, I challenge you to resolve to give by becoming a Restoration Partner.
As 2017 continues on and you have the chance to choose what to invest in this year, I would encourage you to remember your neighbors in Orange County: the Least, the Last, and the Lost that struggle daily to find the essentials to survive, such as food and shelter. This year, YOU can make a difference in the life of a homeless individual and provide them with a chance at restoration and hope. When you become a Restoration Partner, you make an immeasurable impact in the life of someone who needs it most.

Here at the Rescue Mission, we can feed a hungry person with just $1.48. For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can partner with the Rescue Mission to change a life.
Please consider resolving to make 2017 a year of giving, and partner with Orange County Rescue Mission. A monthly, recurring donation is easy to set up and is automated. Your one decision to give continues providing meals, shelter and services throughout the year.
You can learn more and  become a Restoration Partner online at our website, here.

Giving online is easy, safe, and quick. Your donation will make an immediate impact to provide meals, shelter and services for a homeless family in desperate need of a hand up to self-sufficiency.