Who has the most power to make a difference?
You do. Non-profits, faith-based organizations and ministries in the private sector possess the power and support of the people. When you use your voice, resources and networks, change can happen quickly.
I am always pleased when the government gives ear to those in the greatest need in our community. The topic of serving the under-served in North County is essential and now is the perfect time for the movers and shakers in the private sector to jump on this opportunity.
I am an advocate for the people making moves to take care of our neighbors in need. Let the government start the conversation, but you can have the last word in writing a successful solution for our homeless neighbors in North Orange County.
Join the movement to make a difference, by reading the latest on potential shelters opening in North County below.

Shelter up for vote

Read this article in the OC Register here.
Orange County has gone without a proper homeless shelter for far too long. On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors has an opportunity to change that by approving purchase of a property in Anaheim where a 200-bed homeless shelter has been proposed.
The site, a warehouse on 1000 N. Kraemer Place in Anaheim, about a block from an all-nude strip club in a commercial zone, far from any schools or homes, has been hailed as ideally located to serve several North County cities.
But while we commend the supervisors for taking the lead on the acquisition of the site, we encourage them to transition to a role of support, rather than leadership, as the site moves forward.
Government has a troubling way of measuring success for those most in need, and this shelter must not become more window-dressing – where the number of those fed or housed, rather than those who have risen out of homelessness, is counted as success.
The proposal has also naturally earned opposition from neighboring property owners. To be sure, if that was the only reason to veto the project, a shelter would never be built anywhere. But their concerns should be mitigated as much as possible.
Organizations like the Orange County Rescue Mission have plenty of experience with being good neighbors and improving the lives of the most vulnerable, because, unlike government, whose decisions are supported by the power of force, nonprofits receive support based on the quality of their work.
Those organizations should take the lead on the county’s homeless from here on out.
Here are some other basic ways you can help serve the homeless of Orange County.