Margot was a single mom raising two teenage boys in Orange County.
Because of a car accident, one of her boys required extra care — which meant Margot could only work part time. (Imagine trying to keep food in boys’ teenage stomachs and a roof over their heads in Orange County on one part-time income!)
When the food ran out, she went to food banks. But the stress of not knowing how she and her boys would make it through each month eventually took a toll on her own fragile health.
Today, Margot is getting the help she needs at the Rescue Mission.
Help mothers like Margot with your gift right now.
There are many more women like Margot in our community. You probably pass them every day without realizing they’re living in their cars or cheap hotels, struggling to survive.
But you can make a difference for them right now with a gift of nutritious meals and care — you can help families not just survive the summer, but start a new life.

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  1. Hi Jim. We met many years ago, briefly, when I was a volunteer mentor and speaker for OliveCrest. I’m the incoming president of our local Exchange Club and want to begin a relationship between our club’s Child Abuse Prevention efforts and the needs of some of your clients at Village of Hope. Back to School is one project where we provide backpacks, new clothes, school supplies, etc. to children before they start school. Do you have any families you are serving that come to mind that we could help? Thanks, Doug Graham 949-300-2656.

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