As a father of a teenage daughter myself, stories like Estela’s bring me incredible joy. Estela was one of the teen girls that came to Laurel House a few years ago. She came from a past of brokenness and pain, but through her time at Laurel House she was able to work through “those things” and come out stronger than ever. While she lived at Laurel House, she became inspired by one of her House Parents, Steve, who is also a police officer for the Tustin Police Department. Estela is motivated by her desire to keep her city and family safe, and is now pursuing a career as a police officer as well.

Take a look at the following article and be encouraged by what can become of a girl that is offered the intervention of Laurel House. Now Estela is not only pursing her dreams in the police academy but also showing off her strength as an award-winning power lifter!