I am excited to announce the next step of progress in our Veteran’s housing in the city of Tustin. Through a partnership with the city, the Orange County Rescue Mission has acquired two city-owned fourplexes that will be rehabilitated and used for the life and heart restoration of homeless veterans.  In our efforts to create a Veterans Village of Hope, today marks the day that we have officially signed the paper work of ownership to these buildings.
I would like to thank the City Council, City Manager Jeff Parker and Jerry Craig, Economic Development & Housing Manager and the entire City Staff for their pro-active support of the needs of our homeless veterans.
If you are interested in partnering with us to begin the structure work and transformation of these buildings into a home of hope for our Veterans, contact me as we rapidly move forward to transform and rehab the buildings and seek to fill these beds with vets and their families: (714)-247-4335
Veteran Housing
Veteran Housing

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