As a father of two daughters, I am a strong advocate for investing in the hearts of women. I am thrilled to take a moment and applaud the female staff at the Rescue Mission for pouring into the hearts of the women at the Village of Hope in such a powerful way.
Most of the broken women that come to the program at the Rescue Mission are primarily wounded girls that have never been given the opportunity to heal. This program offers attentive staff and volunteers that get to the heart of most issues to help our female clients process through years and years of hurt.
Becoming Myself
Becoming Myself
Becoming Myself
This investment is the most generous gift; the gift of attention. These are the moments that money cannot buy. Paying attention and giving of time is a priceless gift that I am proud to stand behind our staff for caring for our clients so well.
This video shares the personal testimonies of some of the women at the Village of Hope and their journey toward healing from their past.
Becoming Myself Video

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